I. Linguistic Blend After School Program
As a language enrichment program, our intent is to "spark" the interest of your child in learning different languages and foster appreciation for different cultures. Numbers, colors, and simple sentence structures are covered throughout the curriculum.

Language is taught through music and movement Ethnic instruments are introduced to make learning FUN and EXCITING

II. Bilingual Language Program

Story Time
Exposing young children to classic and traditional stories from around the world stimulate interest in ethnic cultures. Kamishibai tales are introduced in the Japanese language section of our program.

Music and Movement
Young children and their parents can learn vocabulary, grammar and the intonation of different languages through music.† Okasan And Me original CD/Book is available to teach the Japanese Hiragana, numbers and simple sentence structure. Bilingual music can be a very culturally enriching experience for children. Educational materials are being created in the following languages: Japanese, French, Mandarin and Spanish.

Arts, Crafts and Games
Children are endlessly engaged in explorations which stimulate their cognitive development. A wide variety of simple organized games and arts and crafts projects broaden their interests.

History and Community Service
Japanese American history and community service is part of the learning curriculum. This is brought into the classroom by using old antique suitcases from our grandparents (ojiichan/grandfather and obaasan/grandmother).

Cultural Guest Artists
Traditional musical instruments from different countries, such as the shakuhachi, koto, shamisen, taiko, chinese butterfly harp, kutu, fue, and sanshin, demonstrations are included in the program.

12-18 years old and adults by private tutorial.

III. Gifted and Talented Children’s Program

The curriculum is geared for children in 1st – 5th Grades

Knowledge of the Japanese language is not necessary. Japanese language terminology is used in the imaginative and creative RobotoTRONICS Children create their own computerized games. Sudoku and other intellectual games are included to enhance logical reasoning/analytical skills.

A challenging curriculum with materials and activities that stimulate original responses from gifted children.

A learning environment where gifted children can feel nurtured and encouraged without the social and academic pressures.

Okasan and Me Inc. recognizes and addresses the need to serve the children as well as their parents through support groups and workshops.