I. Linguistic Blend After School Program
Languages of the world are taught in bilingual format through original songs and original arrangements to make learning FUN. The curriculum provides a balance of academics, visual, performing arts and movement (using the musical experience approach to learning languages). Guest artists and performers share musical instruments, history and culture of their home countries.

II. Gifted and Talented Children's Program
In alignment with State Standards the gifted the talented program opens a new and different avenue for the gifted child and their parents. While knowledge of the Japanese language is not necessary for the program, Japanese terminology is incorporated into computerized RobotoTRONICS where children use their imagination to create computerized action robots in a no pressure environment. Creativity and team work stimulate activities and project ideas for the gifted student in a FUN and EXCITING way.

The program addresses the creative and emotional well being of the gifted child providing a supportive network for parents.

III. Bilingual Program
The Okasan And Me program provides a family-friendly environment with fun and enriching language and cultural experiences for both parents and children, ages 2-62 years old. It presents an interactive parent and child setting, where both the parents and children learn and play together.

Lessons are geared to the readiness level of each child, and involve direct instruction, student interaction, hands-on experiences (involving all the senses), guided practice, reflection/review and follow-up "at home" activities. Bilingual language programs include listening, speaking and (when ready) writing.

Parent involvement and support are the keys to the success of this program; thus each child (2 to 5 years old) is accompanied by his/her parent(s), with follow-up activities "at home."

The curriculum provides a balance of academics, visual and performing arts, and movement (using the language experience approach to learning). Language is taught through appearances of guest artists/performers. History and culture are woven throughout the curriculum.

Classes in San Jose, Los Angeles and Honolulu.